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Why not be tempted by our innovative products. They will change the way you think about cooking.

Crack the shell!

Discover the croquille, a perfect product on any occasion, from aperitif to dessert!

  • A glass to eat

    The croquille is ideal for any occasion. It will allow you to present your dishes in an original way. And as it is edible, no dishes to be expected.

  • Light and dietary

    The croquille is made with the same recipe as the ice cream cones. It is a light paste that adapts to all tastes, sweet or salty.

  • Delight your guests

    Whether you use the croquille for baked snails, appetizers or desserts, your diners will be surprised by these little bites you serve them. And all this without getting your hands dirty.

The passion of the snail

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At Snails of France, the snail is a passion. We are constantly looking for new recipes and new quality specialties to offer you.

assiette escargots

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  • 100% French

    We are committed to where our products come from. When you buy from us, you can't go wrong

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    With us, the snail is a passion and it is felt on our quality of service.

  • The meaning of gastronomy

    We work with chefs to offer you innovative specialties around the snail.

  • At your disposal

    We take pleasure in sharing with you about our services or our passion. Don't hesitate to contact us via the many tools available.

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