Crack the shell!

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Discover the croquille, an edible glass perfect for all occasions, from aperitif to dessert!

  • The glass to eat

    The croquille is a unique, edible, light and dietary container. No reason not to give in to temptation.

  • Easy to cook

    Stable and easy to fill thanks to its flat bottom, the croquille allows you to make great recipes quickly

  • Gastronomic specialty

    The chiefs made no mistake about it. Many of them use the croquille for their culinary creations


Our specialties around the snail

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The snail is a particular food rich in protein, calcium and magnesium making it an ideal product on many occasions.

You may only know the traditional recipe of burgundy snails, rich in butter. But there are many other recipes, much lighter, that will enhance this food.

Our snails come from the varieties of hoods and small greys, 100% French.


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Cooking also means equipping yourself with the accessories that will make your job easier.

Our accessories will allow you to serve your culinary preparations in style.